Our Kids

imageOur students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of identified disabilities – emotional disturbance, behavioral disorder, ADHD, school phobia, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse – and with histories of lack of success in school. Each of them is looking for a “safe” environment and for love and acceptance on the part of adults who work with them. The small, family-oriented environment, with relationship-building as the first step, is exactly what they need! Within weeks, we see smiles, laughter, and a willingness to tackle academic tasks. Achieving academic success and emotional health is a process, and it is achieved step-by-step, on an individual basis. Individual behavioral improvement plans, developed in conjunction with the school district, parent, and student, allow for unique approaches to each student’s issues.

Success is measured by results. It is important to note the following statistics about Electus Academy students:

  • 34% – Successfully returned to their regular home school program
  • 51% – Successfully completed high school at Electus Academy
  • 22% – Are currently attending, or completed a vocational/technical program
  • 13% – Are currently attending, or graduated a college degree program

Some things, however, cannot be measured. When students and parents who are no longer a part of the current Electus Academy family stop by and visit, tell us of their current successes, and offer to volunteer, we know we have made a difference – one student at a time!