The following are real testimonials from former students and parents. In our follow-up efforts to obtain long-range data on our students, we asked that they reflect on their experiences at Electus Academy and provide us with their thoughts. Below are a few statements from students and parents. To preserve the confidentiality of our students, we’ve only shared the first names:

“I started at a large high school in St. Charles, but had a great deal of anxiety and frequent panic attacks. That all changed when I found Electus Academy. The small, comfortable environment helped rid me of my school anxiety and learn to work at my own pace. I graduated high school almost a year early and am more than halfway finished with my Bachelor’s Degree on a scholarship.” – Paul
“Everything seemed to fall in line when I started to go to Electus Academy. I met with the teachers, and they were determined to help me graduate. Being able to go there opened so many doors in my life by meeting great people and helping me to graduate high school. I was able to achieve so much, learning to support myself and finish the things I set my mind to.” – Zach
“I hated school until I started Electus Academy, but I graduated with great grades and am now finishing my second year at a community college. Electus Academy gave me confidence in myself and showed me how to make good choices.” – Sarah
“I would like to thank Electus Academy and the teachers there for being here for me when no one else was! My grades have improved dramatically and so did my attendance. I used to go to a large school with lots of students right outside of St. Peters, and I was miserable. Once they finally moved me, my general sense of myself has improved tremendously! Again, thanks to Electus Academy and the teachers here!” – Jade
“I want to thank the staff at Electus Academy for being so caring and so understanding of my son’s issues. These people accepted him for what he was and built on his strong points. Today he is happy and employed, and I am grateful.”
- Sandy
“My child really respects you and realizes that no one else in the school district was trying to give him a chance to succeed or saw his potential. He was treated as an individual at Electus Academy, not as just a student. You make a difference in these kids’ lives! I truly appreciate you giving him the chance he needed to complete his school!”
- Allison
“My daughter was 16 and pregnant when her school sent her to Electus Academy. You took her right in, gave her lots of love, and stood by her after she had her son. She graduated, which I never believed she would do. Then she went to vet-tech school; and now she has a great job. Even better than her education, my daughter came to believe in herself. I am very proud of who she is today.” – Kathy